Ingredient of the Month

In 2011, six of us started this virtual recipe club called Beauties and the Feast in which one of us would choose a recipe of the month and the rest of us would try it and post about it.

In 2012, to keep things fresh, we tried a new format. Each month we unveiled a special ingredient and challenged the others to use it in a recipe, sort of like Iron Chef.

Below is a list of our posts (recipes) for 2012:

Amber's January Ingredient: Penne Pasta 

Amber's Recipe: Baked Penne with Chicken and Sundried Tomatoes

Emily's Recipe: Poblano Penne and Cheese

Missy's Recipe: Penne with Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese

Jolie's Recipe: Roasted Portabella and Tomato Penne

Rachel's Recipe: Penne with Dijon Mustard Cream Sauce

Megan's Recipe: Alligator Penne

Jolie's February Ingredient: Kale

Jolie's Recipe: Kale Butter and Vegan Kale Dish

Emily's Recipes: Kale Pasta, Kale Pesto, Kale Salad and Sauteed Kale

Missy's Recipe: Kale Shakes and Kale Egg Rolls

Amber's Recipe: Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana with Kale

Megan's Recipe: Kale Carbonara

Rachel's Recipe: Sausage Fettucine with Kale

Megan's March Ingredient: Lamb

Amber's Recipe: Pulled Lamb Gyros with Homemade Tzatziki and Greek Potatoes

Missy's Recipe: Quick Moussaka

Emily's Recipe: Lamb Cassoulet and Lamb Broth Minestrone Soup and Lemon Lamb Chops

Rachel's April Ingredient: Ricotta

Emily's Recipe: Ricotta Doughnuts

Missy's Recipe: Ricotta Mashed Potatoes

Jolie's Recipe: Spinach-Stuffed Pasta Shells

Guest-Blogger Donna's Recipe: It's-All-About-The-Cookie-Gun Manicotti

Emily's Recipe: 3-Ingredient Ricotta Mango Chutney Bruschetta

Emily's Recipe: {Weekend Brunch} Ricotta Pancakes

Missy's May Ingredient: Artichoke

Emily's Recipe: Turkey and Artichoke Panini, Artichoke Dip, Grilled Artichoke, Orzo Salad with Artichokes

Missy's Recipe: Ricotta and Artichoke Stuffed Eggplant

Amber's Recipe: The Best Way to Cook an Artichoke

Guest-Blogger Nancy's Recipe: Stuffed Artichokes

Guest-Blogger Ali's Recipe: Artichoke and Mushroom Lasagna

Emily's June Ingredient: Rosemary

Emily's Recipe: Rosemary Zucchini Bread

Missy's Recipe: Rosemary Gnocchi and Tomato Sauce Gnocchi (for leftovers)

Amber's Recipe: Rosemary Salt French Bread

Missy's Recipe: Go-To Rosemary Salmon and Veggies

Emily's Recipe: Cherry, Brie, Carmelized Onion and Rosemary Flat Bread

Jolie's Recipe: Almost No-Knead Rosemary Bread

Amber's July Ingredient: Avocado

Missy's Recipe: Guacamole Hot Sauce Dog

Emily's Recipe: California Avocado Breakfast Burrito

Missy's Recipe: Tomato Avocado Corn Summer Salad

Amber's Recipe: Fried Avocado Taco

Jolie's August Ingredient: Tomato

Emily's Recipe: Caprese Torta

Emily's Recipe: Sundried Tomato Sourdough Bread

Missy's Recipe: Better-than-Spaghetti Dinner

Amber's Recipe: Heirloom Tomato Caprese Salad

Megan's September Ingredient: Pancetta

Guest-Blogger Michelle's Recipe: Yacht Chef Spaghetti Carbonara

Emily's Recipe: Pasta al Forno with Pumpkin and Pancetta

Amber's Recipe: Spaghetti with Pancetta

Missy's Recipe: Roasted Garlic Potatoes and Pancetta

Jolie's Recipe: Fool-proof Thin Crust Pizza

Missy's October Ingredient: Sweet Spreads

Missy's Recipe: Nutella Crunch Treats

Emily's Recipe: Pumpkin Bread with Biscoff Glaze

Emily's November Ingredient: Cocoa

Amber's Recipe: Award-Worthy Chili

Emily's Recipe: Magic Chocolate Flan Cake

Guest-Blogger Nancy's Recipe: Mocha Crinkle Cookies

Emily's Recipe: Chicken Mole

Holiday Random Recipes:

Emily's Recipe: Peanut Butter Cup Peanut Butter Cookies

Missy's Recipe: No Stress Beef Stew

Missy's Recipe: 2-Ingredient Party Meatballs