Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The best way to cook an artichoke

I’m an artichoke purist.  What I mean by this is that there’s almost nothing I love better than a steamed artichoke with the leaves dipped in salted butter.  There are a few problems with eating an artichoke this way, though (Insert cheesy info-mercial where you see a clumsy person trying to eat a leaf dipped in butter but getting greasy chin and dropping butter all over his clothes—“This just won’t do!”)
So since this month is artichoke month I started researching other ways to cook an artichoke, while still keeping it in its truest form.  I knew I couldn’t steam it for a blog post because that’s a little boring, but what I did find was an EXCITING way to cook an artichoke while still keeping it plain and simple. 
You bake it.  Yep.  Get ready to get your mind blown.  I’ll never steam an artichoke again. it's a little more prep on the front end but way easier to eat after it's cooked.  Now if only I could invent a kitchen contraption that would do it all for me--I could be rich!
2 Artichokes, prepped (see directions below)
1 cup veggie or chicken broth
For Rub:
2 tbsps. olive oil
1 lemon, squeezed
1 tsp. sea salt
3-4 cloves garlic, diced

How to Prep your artichokes
Cut off about an inch at the top, trim the leaves, and cut in half.  Use a spoon to hollow out the fuzzy hairs. 
For some reason this is the only picture I got of prepping the artichoke.  I clearly need practice in being a food blogger.  Now picture this artichoke cut in half, and the fuzzy hairs scooped out.  Ok?  Good, let's move on.
Combine Artichoke Rub ingredients in a small bowl and mix together.  Prep your artichokes.  Smother your prepped artichokes in artichoke rub (get all up in that artichoke) and place them face down in a casserole dish.  It is important that you make the rub prior to prepping your 'chokes so that you can rub them immediately after you've cut them.  The lemon in the rub will keep them from browning.  After placing your artichokes face down in the casserole dish, pour in the chicken or veggie broth and cover with a lid (tin foil will do).  Bake at 350 degrees for about an hour and a half (may be less, just check them after an hour.  You’ll know they are done when the outer leaves are soft and edible).
Before going into the oven

After baking. Yum!

Oh yeah.

Another angle.  Work it, girl!

This picture makes me want to bite my screen.

This was the best artichoke I have ever had in my life.  My husband was able to eat his so fast (no dipping!) I swear he could have won an artichoke eating contest.  We each had an entire artichoke to ourselves, no problem.  Kids didn’t want to try them but that was fine by me; I didn’t push it.
And in the spirit of Artichoke month at BATF, here are a few other inspiring things you can do with this crazy perennial thistle:
Artichoke as a fashion statement
What Kevin Spacey was really dreaming about
Come here, little baby artichoke and let me pose with you as if you were a precious egg on my wedding day.
I don't know, guys.  Just because it's on pinterest doesn't mean it's a good idea.  Just sayin'.
Um... ya.


  1. Freaking hilarious! I did want to bite my screen, for real. And omg, really, the bouquet? No. Not okay. I'm so glad you posted this new option for cooking artichokes, it really does look so good that no dip is necessary. Awesome post Amber!

  2. "Now picture this artichoke cut in half, and the fuzzy hairs scooped out. Ok? Good, let's move on." Loved it.

    Never had artichokes cooked this way. Now I'm dying to try it!

  3. This is brilliant. Goodbye steaming, hell-o baking! And why didn't I think of incorporating artichokes into my wedding day photos? WHY?

  4. Tried this recipe over the weekend with incredible results - this will be my new go-to way to cook artichokes - thanks ladies!!! :)

    1. Yay Amy! So glad we converted you. I will never go back to boiling either.

  5. I'm going to try this tonight!

  6. I tried this artichoke recipe and it was delicious! I forwarded your blog pot to a bunch of other artichoke lovers I know!

  7. I can't wait to try this, but when you say add the broth, you don't say how much -- to the top of the artichokes? or just part way up?