About the Beauties


Top Five Foods: Chocolate, cheese, potato anything, corned beef and bacon, in no particular order.

Best Cookbook: Monthly cooking mags my mom signed me up to receive. I think she was worried about me.

Collection: Do DVR’d TV shows count?


Family:   They rock: My mom, Ivadell, my dad, Paul aka "The Colonel", my brother, Chip & his partner Matt, my sister, Nancy & her husband Scott, my beautiful dog nephew Curly, and my closest 350 Facebook friends.

How I Bring Home the Bacon:  I am currently a stewardess on a private yacht.  Since you asked, this means I am in charge of cleaning the interior of the boat, serving food & drinks, and anything else that comes up.  I also get to do some light cooking in a beautiful galley that will have me spoiled forever.

Abode: Is that my car outside your door?  Okay, I was homeless for a long time but am currently in Florida until April and then headed up to the Great Lakes.  


Family: I have a great husband who does just about anything around the house except for cook.  Wait, do chili dogs count?  And I have two wonderful little boys: Ansen and Asher.  I'm out numbered but I love being the Queen of the household.
Best Cookbook: My mother's Fanny Farmer Cookbook from the year... 1902?  Not really but it could be.  It’s so old, its pages so worn and yellow and it's missing its cover.  The most loved cookbook ever.  It reminds me of delicious home cooked meals and family time.

Food I Won’t Touch: If I was starving on a deserted island I still might not eat a raw onion


Favorite Quote: “Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” - Dr. Seuss

Top Five Foods: Cheese, Chocolate, Pasta, Meyer Lemons, and Red Wine

Best Food Memory: My grandfather, now 94 years old, making sourdough pancakes in his California kitchen.


Family: My fabulous, hard-working husband JJ;  Little Toot (due to arrive May 2012);  Tully, our 12 year old orange kitty-cat; and 18 chickens.
Cocktail: Cold micro-brew by a campfire.  But while Little Toot is still growing, I'm enjoying orange juice or milk in a wine glass.

First Thing I'd Do If I Won the Lotto: Buy an RV and become a professional campground host.


Cooking disaster: Too many to count, but I do remember almost setting off the apartment complex’s fire alarm when I tried canning jam for the first time while living with Amber. A lot of cleaning went on after that one.

Family: Andre (Husband from Oklahoma), Mason (6 year old), & Landon (2 year old)

Abode:  City Livin in Shoreline! Complete with custom Shed/Green House and Chicken Coop.