Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Food Theme: BBQ

Is it summer yet?  I currently live in Florida.  I don't actually claim it as my own but I do currently reside here.   Summer in Florida is pretty brutal and there is a reason people tend to "winter" here and the snowbirds flock down here.   I am lucky enough to get out of here soon but until then I will do my best to enjoy the sunshine and life on the water.

My Florida Backyard

For those of you just enjoying the first signs of summer,  the June theme is here to get you in the mood: BBQ.   I mean who doesn't think of summer as sipping a beer or a Jack's Trailer Park Margarita next to a lake with the BBQ going?   It is also a quick and healthy meal for your family during these summer months.

The bonus is that when you eat BBQ it is okay if you look like this afterwards:

Otto enjoying his birthday cake - just imagine it as BBQ Sauce

Want the trick to making the best BBQ chicken?  Throw your chicken in a large ziplock bag with 1/2 BBQ sauce and 1/2 Bottled Italian Dressing the day before.   Grill and use the rest of the BBQ sauce when you serve it.


  1. This is awesome. Someone get that kid a wetnap!

  2. I love bbq-ing because it means no dishes! And usually means sunshine and eating dinner on the deck. I already found a recipe I want to try - can't wait!