Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Ingredient - Avocado

July Ingredient – Avocado

Avocado to me is like bacon to most other people. If that analogy doesn’t make sense to you, I will explain: there are quite a few people on this planet (my husband included) who feel like everything is better with bacon. He scans the menu at a restaurant looking for any kind of sandwich that has bacon on it. This is how I am with avocado. It is good on everything (except maybe pie).

A couple of months ago when I was with my family on vacation I mentioned that my final, dying, last wish would be for someone to bring me an avocado sandwich. This started a hilarious dialogue because my parents and sister, God bless them, took this comment seriously and started to take my order. Did I want mustard on it? Lettuce? What kind of cheese? What kind of bread? I mean, I guess, if they really cared about me they should know about this right?

So this month I’m asking my fellow beauties to come up with a recipe that uses avocado. And please, also include the last meal you would choose should you suddenly find yourself prepared to walk the green mile. This is meant to be funny, not sadistic; I’m honestly curious! Plus, it’s something we should all know about each other, shouldn’t we? If we truly call ourselves foodies!
And with that, I’ll give you my order:
Green Mile Avocado Sandwich
-Thick and crusty sourdough bread
-Avocado (and lots of it, sliced and sprinkled generously with salt)
-Sharp white cheddar cheese and/or deli sliced American cheese
-Shmear of cream cheese

~ Amber


  1. I'm craving a Bagelry sandwich because you pretty much described my order. So good! I am bacon-obsessed too. My last meal might actually be a BLTA on toasted sourdough (crisp bacon) because it really is one of my favorite meals. That, or a really good non-fatty piece of corned beef with buttery cabbage and potatoes. Now I'm hungry.

  2. This is so exciting; avocado is one of my favorite foods! And this week I’ll be making the Green Mile Avocado Sandwich for dinner. Thanks for helping me meal plan. My mouth has been watering ever since I read this post! For my last meal? Wow, that’s a tough one and I reserve the right to change my mind. I almost answered Thai Pad Se Ew with fried tofu, but I think my real answer is my mom’s roast chicken, Thai rice and blue cheese, pear and walnut salad.
    PS. If I had to choose between avocado and bacon, I’d choose avocado hands down. But fortunately I don’t have to make that hard choice!

    1. I adore Avocado especially since I consider myself a californian some of the time. I can't wait to see what gets produced! Nice pick Amber.

  3. Well, what is better than a summer BLTA sandwich? It combines bacon, AMAZINGLY flavorful tomatoes, and avocado. Basically the perfect bite of food.