Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Megan's Firecracker Cocktail

Happy Fourth of July!   Fourth of July is truly my favorite holiday and I plan on celebrating right through to the weekend.  I am currently in Traverse City, Michigan which is a beautiful little town on Lake Michigan.  It is THE summer destination for the midwest.  I love traveling in the summer and finding these little gems.   Summertime and travel always brings back lots of memories of salt water taffy, ice cream, caramel apples, and rock candy.  I loved that stuff when I was a kid.   It has always stayed with me as a special summertime treat only to be found in small town candy stores.  We don't want to lose out as an adult on the joys of summertime but I don't think any of us can recall a time in recent history that we craved rock candy.   So what did I do?  I created a cocktail to have that childhood memory and adult beverage all wrapped up in one.   Rock candy is much easier to find in the summer time but you can also buy it online.   

Megan's Firecracker Cocktail:

Absolut Citron
Sparkling Lemonade (nothing with color, my favorite is Lorina brand)
Soda Water
Rock Candy in various colors and flavors

Pour a shot of Citron in a glass on ice.  Make sure you use a clear glass so you can enjoy the beauty of this drink.   You mix the citron with the sparkling lemonade and soda water depending on how sweet you want the drink.   I typically fill the glass with soda water and then put just a splash of lemonade.  Garnish with the Rock Candy.  The rock candy slowly disintegrates and colors and sweetens the cocktail.    Another fantastic thing about this drink- all your party goers can have different colored drinks and these are easy to make for kids and non- fun people who need it made without the good stuff.   What was your favorite candy when you were a kid?  


  1. These cocktails are so much fun and perfect for 4th of July! I love that the candy doubles as a stir stick and a drink marker depending on the color. My favorite childhood candy is Bit-O-Honey. It was best for road trips because it lasted a long time and would keep me busy chewing!

  2. This year revived my love for the Fourth. It reminded me of my childhood when all the neighbors gathered in the street to light off fireworks and kids congregated to twirl sparklers. It was nice to have that good feeling back. All I needed was this drink! Love the ingredients for this one.

  3. How fun! I love those small town gems, too! I absolutely loved our time in Michigan this summer. Fun reading about your travels!