Monday, November 14, 2011

A BATF Thanksgiving: The Cranberry Sauce Recipe

How can making 3-ingredient cranberry sauce be so difficult? When you choose to work with an old blender and a potato masher rather than a food processor -- that's how.

This really is the easiest recipe on the planet, but somehow I ended up making this at work with the old blender they shove way up high in the cupboards out of sight. Probably by someone who ditched it at work to clear their cupboard for a nice, new food processor/blender that actually blends and purees.

In short- make this in your food processor; you won't have any problems.

As for modifications, I used the entire 12 oz bag of Ocean Spray cranberries. I used Stevia sweetener. And I sprinkled a dash of cinnamon in it too. That's about it!

I grew up with the canned jelly cranberry sauce and I am not ashamed to admit I LOVE the stuff and will be serving it up sliced at Thanksgiving dinners until I die. That being said, I am glad I branched out to try this homemade recipe (because that's the point of this blog) and I can honestly admit it's a decent runner up to the good stuff....

Cranberry-Pineapple Sauce

8 oz fresh cranberries

20 oz can pineapple in pineapple juice
1/3 cup sugar (or agave)

Drain liquid from pineapples into a measuring cup. Add water so that you have a total of 1 cup liquid. Add to sauce pan with sugar and bring to a boil.

Place cranberries in a food processor or chopper and chop fine. Add to pan and stir well. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until thick (about 10 minutes).

Place pineapple in a food processor and chop. Add crushed pineapples to cranberry sauce and cook one more minute.

Allow to cool then place in a covered container and refrigerate overnight.

Makes 3 cups.

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  1. Love this bright sauce - so tasty and really so much better than the canned stuff (even though I'll admit I like it too!).