Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Farewell Cheesecake: Megan's Review

Sunset Cruise at Key West

My tour on Marbella has come to an end.  We had such a great summer!    Our farewell "cruise" was from Fort Lauderdale to the Florida Keys.  My owners totally spoiled us, the weather was perfect, and we couldn't complain about the beautiful blue water and white sand beaches.  It was a perfect end to my first boating adventure.  The last night we were together we were at Marbella's "home" Longboat Key, Florida.   We decided to have one last meal on the aft deck.  What better option for dessert then try the cheesecake recipe?

I was very excited about this recipe because like everyone else I am on the greek yogurt band wagon.  I also love honey and hope to some day have my own bee hive (I'm really serious).  It is a goal of mine.  We got two pie crusts already made to save some time.  The first was just a basic graham cracker crust and the other oreo.  The recipe was really easy.  I also didn't have enough cream cheese so we used marscopone cheese.  

They were very good.  We particularly liked the Oreo crust and I wish we had made some chocolate sauce or crushed up some more oreos.  
Pre-made Oreo Crust
Added  the almonds to the bottom per Missy's suggestion
It wasn't necessarily traditional cheesecake so I think if I had labeled it something slightly different it would have been a bigger hit.   Toby was looking for a fat slice of New York Cheesecake and this was more honey cream cheese deliciousness.  

Band playing on our sunset cruise
I am really sad to see my Marbella summer end!  We had such a great time.  I loved the crew but when I say we lived together and lived where we worked I am not exaggerating.  I was a little bit excited to move out of the "closet" I had been living in.  The Florida Keys were beautiful.  We went on a really fun sunset cruise and had the most amazing sky.  It was the perfect end.  What is next you ask?  I got a new job for a year in Fort Myers, Florida and will spending the winter cruising Florida and maybe the Bahamas.  Summer 2012 we will be heading to the Great Lakes via Canada.  I can't wait!  My new galley is gorgeous and I can hardly wait to break it in.  

Marbella Crew 2011


  1. Looks like the perfect end to a fabulous summer! And brilliant move to use both the oreo crust and mascarpone cheese - yum! Can't wait to hear stories about your next adventure.

  2. Great idea to use an oreo crust! I'm going to do that when I make it. And I'll take your advice and sprinkle cookies on the top :) Beautiful photos!

  3. Its hard for me to think of food after this weekend but I'm glad you tried the cheesecake. Happy Thanksgiving!