Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: Curly's Cocktail

Curly watching the new episode of Glee after his nap
I am currently in Hermosa Beach, California taking a quick break in between yacht jobs.  I am staying at my sister's house with my parents while she vacations in China.  We are all together to take care of....her dog.  That's right -there are no kids in our family so we have one very spoiled Wheaten Terrier named Curly.  Good thing he has such a cute personality!

One of my favorite things to do when I get back in town is go to Whole Foods.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Whole Foods the grocery store.  We have a huge one here and it has a wonderful wine bar in the middle.  Wednesday night is Bubbles night (Champagne night for those not down with the code).  We always get treated like super stars by our bartender Craigilicious.  This inspired me to go home and make my favorite bubbles inspired cocktail.  This one is VERY complicated so pay attention to the next steps.  You will first need champagne or prosecco of your choice.  You then add St. Germain Elderflower Liquor.

Curly's Cocktail:

Glass of Champagne
Splash of St. Germain to taste

This is best served with my sister's booze in her old school champagne glasses:

Love these glasses!

My friend Sharon was the one nice enough to organize my evening visiting with my friends.  We got home and Curly was all partied out but we did finally get a good angle for him so he wouldn't have to lift his head.

Drink tastes better with awesome friends! 


  1. I'd like a side of Curly with my cocktail! This looks like the perfect drink to go with the new Thursday TV lineup tonight. I only wish I had cool, retro champers glasses like Nancy's! Hi to Sharon!

  2. Beer me, please! As much as I don't love champers, I'm always happy to toast one with you my darling MC. Can't wait to see you next week!

  3. After last week's cocktail, I have to say I was nervous about what a "Curly's" would entail! What a happy surprise to be met with this cutie and his (simple yet delish) coktail! :) What a handsome guy! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your time back on land! :) Where will you go next?

  4. Michelle - I will be revealing my next adventure in a post very soon....

    MC- I am not sure we can be friends. When did our friendship go so terribly wrong? You don't like champagne?

  5. I applaud the use of my liquor + glassware. Now I need to go see what else you got into....

  6. I didn’t know you weren’t a fan of champers either, Missy. See? It’s a good thing we have this blog so we can learn these important details about each other!

  7. Megan, at least we both graduated from St. Ides to more exciting, adult beverages. That's where our friendship went right.

    I'm better with prosecco and I don't have a problem with champs; I'll just never order it over a bloody mary or a good beer.

    But Megan's caption says it best: drinks taste better with awesome friends. So I'll always toast a champers with you Beauties! Can I have berries in mine? ;)