Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kitchen Sink Curry in a Crock Pot

August Recipe Review: Amber
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I would have posted my review earlier in the month except the FIRST time I made this I didn't follow my own instructions. I got busy and bought curry from the store. NOT the same. I was so disappointed I had to try again. Another thing I learned was that it did take a lot of time to prepare the veggies and cook them in the curry and being that we didn't actually eat until after the kids were in bed, I had to figure out a quicker solution. Enter the crock pot.

I know it's not quite crock pot weather but I really needed someone else to do the cooking for me so I diced up all the veggies the night before and in the morning before work I threw them all in, added some uncooked sliced chicken, coconut milk and Mae Ploy Green Curry paste and turned that baby on low.

When we got home all I had to do was make some fresh rice and VoilĂ ! Pour a little champagne (we were celebrating the birth of our good friends' baby, AJ) and it was a beautiful and delicious dinner. Which even my husband admitted was way better than the first time.

As for the veggies: everything (except the green bell pepper) was from my CSA box from Acme Farms + Kitchen. Rainbow carrots and fingerling potatoes were so tender and delicious! I also threw in garlic, onion and green beans. Oh, and another thing: about feeling lazy I realized that one-stop shopping doesn't just have to happen at Fred Meyer and can also happen at the Asian Market. I got the curry paste, coconut milk, rice and rice vinegar there. I didn't even need to stop at Freddies!

You'll notice I don't have my usual picture of my boys eating and loving this meal. That's because even though I used green curry it was still REALLY spicy and therefore not suited for the boys. They did eat some rice with soy...and a couple of chicken nuggets. Shhhh...don't tell all those crazy CSA users.


  1. Whoever invented the crock pot does not get enough credit, seriously. Busy person's best friend. This is a brilliant idea! For my do-over using the paste, I'm using the crock pot.

  2. Love, love, love this idea! My curry leftovers were even better the next day, so I’m sure having curry simmer ALL DAY in the crock equals really good flavor. And now I’m craving spicy curry all over again!

  3. Yum! That is such a great Monday or Tuesday night meal when you're trying to unload before the next wave of veggies arrives. Sometimes I wish a rabbit would break into my house. : )