Friday, August 19, 2011

KS Curry in a Hurry: Missy's Review

I have a lot of coconut milk in my house (you know it's totally all the rage to be drinking coco milk/water these days, right?) but I didn't have the paste, nor could I find it at my grocery store, nor was I motivated to go elsewhere. So...when that bright yellow Kikkoman yellow curry sauce showed itself to me, I grabbed it for my Kitchen Sink Curry in a Hurry.

Just this past year I've started loving fried, flavored tofu so I went that route for this recipe. I decided before I did anything, I would pan fry the tofu with onion and lots of hot garlic oil and a little yellow curry. It turned out good enough but certainly not as good as my neighborhood Thai place. (Just how do you make awesome-tasting tofu? If anyone knows the trick, tell me.)

I barely blanched the broccoli and cauliflower, drained the water, added the whole bottle of curry, the tofu, onion, garlic and bell peppers, and set it on a very low simmer for about 30 minutes. I think the patient simmer is key here. Everything eventually cooked into curry perfection.

It was yummy but I wonder if it would have tasted more "authentic" (whatever that is) if I had used the paste. Next time. I served my KSC over Near East fabulous 5-minute couscous. Love that stuff.

This is a reeeeally easy weeknight dinner; I highly recommend it for all you busy folks.


  1. Intriguing. I am not a fan of tofu, although I'll admit it's definitely better when made crisp. I think I may try this recipe out- I tend to like red curry the best.

  2. I’m impressed with your idea to use regular coconut milk vs. canned Thai coconut milk – that’s a brilliant way to skip lots of fat and calories! I’m with you on restaurant style fried tofu. It’s so delicious and I wish I knew how they did it (maybe it’s deep fried?).

    Love your post title! This looks like the perfect shortcut for a quick, yummy and healthy weeknight dinner!