Monday, December 31, 2012

Beauties & the Feast: Year in Review

I seriously can not believe it is 2013.....I know people say time really flies by but I feel like I just graduated college. Sorry for my recent long absence! I was busy traveling and just got back from Africa. It was a pretty amazing trip and experience. Then the holidays hit, and let's face it I got a serious addiction to Candy Crush on my iPad.  I mean luckily you have to wait to get more lives so I was able to fit in walking my sister's dog as well as eating and drinking while catching up with friends.

In reviewing the past year in the world of Beauties, I realized we neglected a very important moment of 2012. Ready for it? The introduction of our newest Beauty baby boy! Rachel welcomed Otto this past summer.  His favorite food currently is Mom's milk but we are sure that will change once Rachel's beautiful garden is ready.  How could you not love this gorgeous face?

Otto makes it Beauty baby boy number 6 and we are expecting Beauty baby boy number 7 from Miss Emily in February. Yes, the Beauties are working hard to raise a whole generation of male cooks....

We also had some amazing recipes this year.  We thought we would do a quick recap of our Top 5 for 2012.    Here you go:

#5:  The Best Way to Cook an Artichoke

#4:  Magic Chocolate Flan Cake

#3:  Lavender Infused Gin

#2:  Pulled Lamb Gyros

#1:  Ricotta & Artichoke Stuffed Eggplant

The Beauties would like to thank all our friend, families, and fans who make this blog so much fun!  We look forward to bringing in a new theme for 2013.   What was your favorite BATF recipe this year?


  1. It's so much fun to see what recipes are most popular, but Otto's cute mug really made this post! I'm now hungry for lamb and eggplant. And I am so excited for Megan's huevos rancheros and crispy hashbrowns this weekend!

  2. Megan, thank you for doing this! Fun to see the recipies. You never know which ones will be popular. Can't wait for another great year.

  3. That picture of Otto is priceless!