Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Dirty Shirley

This summer I have perfected the art of mocktails. I’ve also consumed my fair share of Shirley Temples. I’m expecting beauty baby #7 (my first!) in February which means I have been cut off from the good stuff since June. But I’m not complaining, the little “pit” growing in my tummy is so worth it!

I’ve been loyally posting Thirsty Thursday recipes this summer, but for every real cocktail I’ve made for Curtis, there’s been a virgin version alongside. So when I saw this recipe for Dirty Shirley’s on Pinterest, I was thrilled and decided this would be my signature cocktail on our summer boat trip.

The first evening in Desolation Sound, I made the dirty version for Curtis, mom and dad, and a clean version for myself. They all looked the same (it’s a good thing we label our glasses on the boat to avoid any possible confusion) so I didn’t feel left out when happy hour rolled around!
My dad labeled our cups and he made the "E" prego. How cute is he!? 
I know maraschino cherries are weird but I’ve always loved them in drinks and on ice cream sundaes. I thought everyone did (obviously Megan does too based on her Manhattan recipe and I know my friend Hillary, generally a very clean eater, has a weakness for them) but I learned Curtis is opposed to them and in his words they “taste like plastic”. Poll: Are you a maraschino cherry fan or do you think they’re disgusting?
Our awesome crew enjoying happy hour!
And now for the drink recipe:

Maraschino Cherry
Optional: Umbrella for flair and club soda

Fill a glass with ice. Pour in some vodka. Add a tiny bit of grenadine (it gives it great color and flavor, but be careful, it’s sweet!). Top the glass of with sprite and garnish with a maraschino cherry, a little cherry juice and an umbrella. If this is too sweet for you, you can do ½ Sprite and ½ club soda. If you're growing a baby, are underage or don't like alcohol (gasp!), for a clean Shirley (aka Shirley Temple): leave the vodka out!

PS. I’m so excited to make this for the Shirley in our family! It will be a perfect cabin cocktail.


  1. Can we fast forward to February? I can't wait to meet Beauty Baby #7!

    I want a Dirty Shirley so bad! And I love maraschino cherries, if for nothing more than to prove I can tie the stem into a knot with my tongue. Oh yes I can.

  2. Congrats Emily. Steve, Maggie, Josie and I are so happy for you and Curtis!!!!! I will pour the cocktail for Steve and save the virgin version for me and Mags.

  3. Your Dad is seriously the cutest!! I have to agree w/ Curtis on this one - eew. Totally taste like plastic to me! I love me a good Shirley - and I might even prefer them w/out the booze!! ;) SO happy for you guys, and SO looking forward to meeting your little one! xo

  4. So happy for you! Your family is so cute. I always say it, but your parents are such an inspiration. I love all their adventures and how happy they always look.