Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Better-than-Spaghetti Dinner

I don't want to be here writing this. I want to be back on vacation at the lake, in the pool, or drinking bloody mary's by the river in perfect 80 degree weather with no wi-fi for miles. Alas, I'm back in the real world and back to the grind...but I'll waste a little more time blogging before I fully immerse into emails.

I figured I could slide in a tomato post before August ends if I incorporate it somehow into a meal during our week of vacation. As it turns out, everything tastes better on vacation, or this just happens to be the bomb dish -- either way, dinner was yummy!

I tossed stuff in without measuring, of course, but the good thing about this dish is you can't really screw it you can ever have too much garlic or parmesan cheese....

Here's what you'll need for about 4 servings:

Half bag of spaghetti (or your fav noodles)
Large tomato, diced
1/4 to 1/2 head of garlic, cloves sliced
Package of seasoned sausage links (I used garlic herb chicken)
Herbs de Provence
Salt and pepper
Parmesan cheese

Here's what you do:

Cook spaghetti noodles.

Meanwhile, in a large pan, fry garlic in drizzle of oil. Add thinly sliced sausage (or crumbles) and let brown. Make sure garlic is tender.

Drain pasta and add to skillet with oil and butter. Dash of salt and pepper and stir. Sprinkle herbs and parmesan cheese over top and mix in.

Add diced tomato and mix in. Let it all cook together for a few minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve it up hot!

Every ingredient combines perfectly to create a kicked-up, better-than-spaghetti dinner.The filling part of this dish was the yummy buttery pasta and the meat. A necessary sweetness came from the tomato, and the real winner in this dish is the garlic. Sooo good!

We left no noodle standing -- we devoured it. Even the toddler. All that hard work on vacation makes you hungry...

A second after I took this photo of Kelly devouring, I realized my son was eating a piece of broccoli in the background.
I feel like I captured a photo of Bigfoot running in the woods.

Would rather be here.


  1. I agree, everything does taste much better on vacation, but this dish truly sounds like it’s the bomb! And funny because I was going to suggest you share Grandpa Jeff’s secret spaghetti sauce recipe… but this does sound better than traditional spaghetti and so easy! I’m sold. In fact, this may be dinner tonight with tomato bread made into garlic bread. And broccoli on the side. If J-Bud eats it, we can too!

  2. Kelly should teach Jameson to take SMALL bites!