Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our 100th Post = $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

We have reached a new milestone here at Beauties and the Feast: We officially have 100 posts! Did you hear me? 100 freaking posts! This is very exciting for us. We are coming up on our year anniversary and it is so much fun to look at how much fun we have been having. The idea for BATF came up last year when we were discussing our very favorite subject: food. Our get togethers have always been food focused. There are a few of us who have 14 years of friendship under our belt and all of us met in college. We have seen each other thru 5 (happy) marriages, five (boy) babies, one soon-to-be baby (lil' toot), one adorable puppy (Murray), and one wandering soul. The get togethers over the years tend to be organized around my visits and trips back to Washington state to celebrate the appropriate life events. The e-mails sent regarding food and cocktail planning for these get togethers are very detailed. We do not take eating lightly. This is how the idea of BATF was born. It has been such an amazing time. For me personally, the blog has taken me from a mountain in Wyoming to an exciting new career on yachts in Florida. I love the story telling, the awesome pictures, and all the things I learn about how everyone else cooks.

That brings me to our exciting news. We want to thank our awesome readers and followers for all the great feedback and support. And to celebrate we are offering a $100 Online Gift Card from Amazon. $100 for 100 posts! Get it? You can enter to win the gift card by sharing a link to your favorite BATF post on your Facebook wall and then simply leave a follow-up comment on our BATF Facebook page telling us you did so. We're anxious to go check it out and find out what you liked! Whether it was a recipe you tried and loved or one you still want to try or a post that made you laugh or one with enticing food photos -- it's up to you! On December 10 those of you who posted a link on your Facebook wall will go into a drawing using and we will select a winner! That's it. Pretty simple way to win $100 for your holiday shopping!

And just for fun, the Beauties reflected on their favorite recipes and posts from this past year...

Missy says:

I loved the very first recipe for slow cooker Wine and Tomato Braised Chicken, but since I cheated big time on that one, I have to revise that statement and say I loved my modified recipe. I only discovered my crock pot a couple years ago after it sat in a cupboard unused for five years. I got it for my wedding and had no idea how to use it so I stashed it in a deep dark corner of my kitchen. Best decision I ever made to pull that thing out finally wow! Life changing, really.

My second favorite recipe was the salmon burgers. For me, it was the most intimidating recipe with the most pleasantly surprising results. I was skeptical too. I mean really, salmon instead of a beef patty burger? Actually YES! It was delicious and I was stoked that I had success with a recipe out of my comfort zone.

Amber Says:

Funniest was Jack's Trailer Park Margaritas. The photo shoot of my dad by his neighbor's trailer in the 105 degree Tucson heat was such a hilarious experience. Yummiest was the Mexican Meatball Subs. Out of all of our recipes that was the biggest crowd pleaser in my home. Most beautiful was Emily's version of the cheesecake recipe. Those pictures could win a food blog award!

Emily says:

Favorite Post: Jolie’s Life Reflections through braised chicken. Who knew a post about chicken would make me emotional?!

Favorite Cocktail: Spice Market Ginger Margaritas. If I could only have one cocktail for the rest of my life, this may be the one. Need I say more?

Favorite Recipe: Megan’s Oktoberfest Chicken: Not only was this the first recipe every Beauty made (in some form or another) and posted about but roast chicken is one of my very favorite foods. It always seems so intimidating to make but then turns out to be so easy, and so delicious! This was the perfect recipe for fall and I’ll be making it again and again!

Jolie says:

Surprisingly my favorite recipe was our very first post in January; Tomato & Wine Braised Chicken! I loved it because it could be made in a crock pot (the first night) and could be two completely different tasting meals. I am all for the two for one deal! I also thought the reviews were even more interesting because some girls put spaghetti with it and others used a rice base. There are so many different ways to interpret one recipe and I need that kind of creative help in the kitchen. Maybe this year Santa will bring me a crock pot and we can do more of these types of recipes in our next 100 posts!

Megan says:

There are so many great ones how does one decide? I have to say that I did love the Breakfast Pie. I was a breakfast cook a few times and that seems to be my speciality. I loved how easy and how creative you could get. I love simple ideas like this where there are limitless combinations but you probably wouldn't come up with the initial idea yourself. For example, the crust you can use leftover pancakes, croissants, donuts and it goes on and on.

My favorite drink was definitely Jack's Trailer Park Margaritas. I laughed out loud and it brought back good memories since I have luckily had the real deal from Jack himself. My favorite posts were always the ones with the great story and fun pictures.

I have to say for a side dish I also love the recipe for Zucchini Fritters. This was kind of a random post but so worth it. They were so delicious and easy. I would make these a million times and they were extra delish paired with my lemon aioli (mayo, garlic, lemon, and S&P).

Rachel says:

Most Delicious - Irish Au Gratin Potatoes. It combines two of my favorite things - cheese and potatoes (check out my mashed potato belly in the baby announcement) - and goes with pretty much any main dish. Not to mention they are to die for. And JJ said that was the best meal I ever made! Most Hilarious - Jack's Trailer Park Margaritas. The photo of Amber's dad "passed out" in the trailer park is one of the funniest things I've ever seen! Most Beautiful - Anything posted by Emily. She is a whiz in the kitchen and with that camera! Every dish looks professional and restaurant worthy. Most Educational - Puttanesca. I loved the history lesson! The recipe has been added to the regular meal rotation for one of my co-workers - which proves that the post was both informative and delicious.


  1. Murray appreciates being included as a life milestone! We have been though a lot together. You girls are the best and I’m so thankful our top priorities include each other and food!

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