Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oktoberfest Chicken: Missy's Review

I didn't even come close to making October's recipe. My lazy Gemini twin was telling me to let my crock pot do my cooking for me and I obeyed. But...since my dinner ingredients were inspired by October's Oktoberfest Chicken recipe I think that qualifies me to post a review of the slow cooker version.

I already had the Sam Adams Oktoberfest brew in my home so that was a nice bonus. I used about 3/4 bottle and swigged the rest. Although I didn't use the sage or thyme, I did use a bunch of other freeze-dried spices I had in my cupboard: parsley, oregano, rosemary, basil -- why not host of circus of flavors instead? With minced garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper, I threw it all in the crock pot over the chicken breasts bathing in beer. Yes, I am guilty of using (no-prep) boneless, skinless chicken breasts too. It cooked for about 4 hours.

The result: As one New Jersey Housewife would say, "Fabulicious!" Super tender, yummy chicken made easy. I tossed in some red potatoes and brussel sprouts midway thru cooking and those were beerlicious as well. But the secret weapon not related at all to this recipe: FETA. I found some feta crumbles in the back of my fridge and sprinkled it over everything for a fetalicious, delicious meal!


Perfect meal  after a pumpkin patch kinda day. Aren't I smokin' hot in this family photo? 


  1. Oh, Missy! You kill me! Looks like a good meal, though! You are seriously hilarious.

  2. I'm planning to roast the whole chicken because I love juicy, skin on thighs (fatty-mcfat!), but this is brilliant! I would have never thought of just doing beer and chicken in the crock pot, I'll be giving your version a try as well some day.

    Cute family photo but you really should do something about your hair...

  3. I love the crock pot version BUT where is the delicious skin? Purple is a good color for you.