Friday, May 13, 2011

Mexican Meatballs Two Ways – Emily’s Review

Click here for the original recipe.

I followed the directions to a T. Even though it would have been easier to just throw in some cilantro and crumble up a few handfuls of chips, from past experiences I knew meatballs can be tricky and you have to have the proportions right or they won’t hold together. So I actually measured everything out – except I used about twice as much garlic and guess what??? The meatballs stuck together perfectly! Sometimes it pays to follow directions.

BUT when it time to execute I veered in an entirely different direction.

Night One: I made meatball sliders. Potato rolls instead of hoagies topped with avocado, Mexican cheese and green onions. Arugula wedged under the meatball. Even without much sauce, the meatball “sliders” had a great flavor – no need for ketchup (and I LOVE ketchup). We had sweet potato fries and strawberry spinach salad on the side and washed it down with beer.

Night Two: I used the leftover meatballs and sauce and put it over pasta. By day two the sauce was so spicy and savory! After adding in large Greek white beans and a few handfuls of spinach, we had an entirely different, yet equally delicious dinner! Red wine completed the spicy pasta.

The Verdict? Curtis and I both LOVED these meatballs. They are easy to make and tasty - so much more exciting than your average meatball. It’s a perfect go-to recipe for appetizers, subs, sliders, pasta, you name it!


  1. Great idea! I love sliders! Small things always seem so cute, and when they also taste good, it's just a winning combo! :)

    I'm making these meatballs this weekend! Can't wait.

  2. Emily the pasta idea is pure genius! Love it! I can't wait to make these.

  3. Wow. Pure genius. And the pics look so good. Yummy.

  4. I am in awe of the photos, the spin, the double-duty dinner. YUM!

  5. I like how we are slowly replacing pictures of our self with fantastic food pics. If you are what you eat, you girls are HOT!

  6. Meatball sliders...what a great idea! I love adding spinach to things--salad, soups,'s good for you. You can hide it a bit if someone doesn't like it raw. Sweet potato fries are my favorite but I've never made them..

  7. This was a good recipe. Girls, where are all the photos from the Tanner Rd photo shoot? I thought the web site was getting a makeover?