Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guess who is coming to dinner?

I though this post was so freaking hilarious for the history lesson and my current job situation. I am kind of a "lady of the night" currently (not literally people come on now). I will often be bartending or serving and the ratio of men to women (me) is about 40 to 1. I am actually not exaggerating! Anyway, my point was I was well entertained by the irony. I really wanted to make this for the same reason Emily did - anchovies! I have wanted to use them but never seem to get around to it. They are supposed to be so good for you. This summer the cook put them in deviled eggs and they were amazing. I made this a little less spicy to share with my coworkers and used kalamata olives. It was very good, awesome flavor. I added (of course!) a lot more spice to mine. I used half whole wheat and regular penne pasta. My only disappointment was that I made too much pasta to sauce and the leftovers weren't very good so they had to be tossed. Since I am currently working all the time, my dinner was shared with some special dinner guests out of the bar window:


  1. You are my favorite lady of the night. And those are awesome dinner guests. Love it!

  2. I hope you're embracing the ratio - when you get back to the real world you may or may not appreciate all the ladies! Love your dinner guests! And great idea to use a mix of whole wheat and regular penne pasta. Can't wait to see and eat with you in a few weeks!

  3. Anchovies are not my favorite, but I think I could eat them blended into a pasta sauce...I too love your dinner guests who do the clean up and eat the left overs...A moose?? How cool is that?????