Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to Make Sushi at Home

Sushi Rolls are a lot easier to make at home than you'd think. And they're A LOT CHEAPER than going to a restaurant, too.

When my brother James and I were in college we had a ritual every Sunday. It was called Sunday Sushi Sake Cinema night. He had learned how to make his own Sushi after having visited Japan on deployment in the Navy and since he had become vegetarian, we made some really amazing veggie sushi together. Who needs fish when you have ingredients like jalapeno, avocado, red pepper and cream cheese? Though this recipe is easily alterable if you want to add crab or salmon. Best when served with warm Sake, great company and a good movie.

Here are some essential ingredients that you can pick up at your local Asian Market:

1)      Calrose Rice

2)      Nori (get at least ten up to twenty sheets)

3)      Wasabi

4)      Rice Vinegar

5)      Sriracha Sauce if you like it spicy

6)      Soy Sauce

7)      Sushi Mat Roller. I’m sure this has a technical name. I don’t know what it is.

At the grocery store, get lost of yummy veggies. My favorites are:

·        Avocado (this is a must)

·        Jalapeno

·        Cucumber

·        A colorful Bell pepper

·        Sprouts

·        Marinated tofu

·        To make it non vegetarian, you could also get crab or sushi grade salmon or tuna

·        Cream Cheese

1)      Cook at least four cups of Calrose Rice. When fluffy, add a generous drizzle of Rice Vinegar and mix. Let rice cool a bit.
2)   While Rice is cooking, slice your ingredients thinly.

3)      Lay a sheet of Nori shiniest side down on the sushi roller. Spread rice evenly on Nori, leaving about an inch uncovered at the base of the roll.

4)      Spread with cream cheese (if you’d like) and top with yummy veggies. Add Sriracha sauce in a line if you want it spicy.

5)      Roll starting at the base of the veggies and tightly push down with your thumbs as you get closer to the end.

6)      Place on a cutting board and slice in one-inch pieces with a serrated knife. If knife gets gunky, dip it in a glass filled with hot water which will help it slice through the sushi better.

7)      Serve with dipping plates filled with Soy Sauce and use wasabi to your liking.


  1. I love this post! I have great memories of making sushi with James and like you said, it really is easy! I haven't made it in ages, you've inspired me! Did your kiddos like it? And did they help roll?

    1. Ansen couldn't stand the smell of the Nori. He wouldn't touch it. I thought for sure they would be excited. Not this time. Might have to try again when they're older. The best part is having sushi leftovers in the fridge! Next time we have a BATF get together I think we should make sushi!

  2. Oh, happy memories! What excellent times. Sushi in the thoughts wander to hand cuffs and one of the best laughs of my life ;)

  3. Even I have made sushi successfully at home, and it was awesome! But that was when I actually wanted to impress I just want him to do the dishes. ;) Thanks for the reminder, I really need to try this again.

  4. I'm goign to try to do it in the end of next week or month for a dinner with friends in front of an episode of Sex & the city:P I think it could be a perfect combination:P