Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thirsty Thursday: Skinny Chai Tea Latte

Spoiler Alert:  This post is not about alcohol

Sorry about that - are you still with me?  Recently, I decided to make a concentrated effort to cut refined sugar out of my diet.  No fun right?  In my job,  I am currently faced with this on a day to day basis:

Yep ladies and gentleman, in the world of yachting we always have a candy drawer.  Guess who gets to stock it?  This girl.   I know that you all believe that I live a glamourous life but when I have worked 18 hours for a few days in a row, my ability to resist the allure of this is tough.

I really have tried to cut foods like this out and when I lived a "normal" life I did not buy this kind of junk food.  I much prefer to splurge on  "amazing" dessert.  I like to stock something like dark chocolate almonds and some fantastic gelato.  I feel like I live a very "healthy" lifestyle in general but when you really start looking at sugar hidden in food it really gets you.  I could dedicate an entire blog on our ability as Americans to allow our food companies to blatantly lie to us about healthy foods and what our food contains but I will skip the lecture and get to the point!   It is crazy when you realize that things like cereals, breads, and even certain "healthy" foods have so much sugar.  Before I lose you and you get depressed like I just made myself by writing this I am here to give you a Thirsty Thursday afternoon pick up!   Yeah!

I spend lots of time shopping and as many of you know Target & Starbucks joined forces to lead you into temptation.  I walk into Target and I want something to sip on for a little pick me up while I stroll down the aisles.   Unfortunately, you realize you are only supposed to take in 25 grams of sugar a day (this is not talking about naturally occurring sugar from fruit & veggies - I also include sugar in Red wine as naturally occuring).  You will be shocked to learn shaken ice tea/ lemonade has 33 grams and a Chai Tea Latte has a whopping 42 Grams of sugar.  It is enough to make this girl throw herself in the ocean (I know how to swim).

Here it is FINALLY!  I am getting to the point I promise.  I know we all like a little sweet pick me up in the afternoons and maybe even a tiny bit of caffeine.  I have stumbled on the answer (cue music).  A Skinny Chai Tea Latte without that fake sugar crap.  Yes!!!  

I stumbled on this beauty at the grocery store the other day.  I have already been a huge fan of Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life but this is the new addition.   I brew this tea bag, add honey (which has been getting rave reviews about weight loss), and put in a splash of unsweetened Almond Milk (I am sure skim milk would work the same) and then I pour it on ice.  Delish!

This drink was approved by my resident Sugar Addict on the boat (amazing I know) but he wants me to put a nice Spiced Rum in it for happy hour one day.   I realize this defeats the purpose of the drink and the cutting out of sugar that I just blabbed on about for way too long.  But one of these days I will need that kind of afternoon pick me up too…….


  1. Honey = weight loss? Sweet, I'll start piling it on everything I eat. And it doesn't have any sugar, right? ;) I do love chai tea because it's milky and sweet and this looks like the perfect way to have a guilt free version!

  2. First of all, I had no idea Chai Tea lattes had 42 grams of sugar. Kill me! Those are my favorite. But I do love almond milk AND honey so I am definitely going to try this one. Sounds like a treat!

  3. Who are you girls?? Amber's baking and you're cutting out sugar? So grown up! And really, Skittles aren't an "amazing" dessert? I'm so confused...