Monday, July 15, 2013

Suddenly Summer Pasta Salad

After all these amazing summer salad posts, I thought it was time to bring the bar down a little bit. That's where my old friend Betty Crocker comes in. Picked up her boxed pasta salad and decided to give it a try. Basically, you're buying the rotini noodles and a packet of powder Caesar seasoning. The rest she expects you to do on your own. Lame. Okay, to Pinterest I go...

Oh Betty, you really have thought of everything.

My stir-ins: kalamtas, hard salami, pepper jack cubes, tomatoes and romaine lettuce. I'm also addicted to putting Chia seeds into everything.

Along with the packet of seasoning, I added about a half cup of Italian dressing. I will definitely make this again and again and again. It's a meal in itself.

These guys ate it the night before they finished a 200 mile bike ride from Seattle to Portland. I'm sure it was the pasta salad that gave them their super human endurance. Pictured right to left: my hubs, my dad and some dude I just met who rides with my dad. SO proud of them!

I do have another less-boxed summer salad I wish to post later on (sorry Betty). It'll be more true to the theme and yet simple enough to keep my personal bar low. Stay tuned.

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  1. Tell us about chia seeds. What do they do? Make your hair grow like a chia pet? LOL. Your picture of the cut up salami, cheese and olives has me sold, that's the best part of pasta salad! You brought Betty to a whole new level, looks delicious! And congrats to the STP boys - your dad and Kelly are both amazing!