Sunday, July 21, 2013

Easy Broccoli Slaw

There are three categories of moms.  The first is the full-time working mom with full-time childcare.  I did this for several years with Mason and the disadvantage of this is there is no hope to try to get things done on weekdays.  Everything is saved for weekends and then you're disappointed when you can't fit everything in.

The second category is the full-time stay-at-home mom.  There are plenty of blogs on the challenges and advantages this position brings.  I only did this briefly with both children after they were born so I can’t say I am an expert.

The third category is the part-time working mom with minimal childcare.  This is the category I am in now.  The advantages are you get to mix things up so you have a better balance in life, which I love!  The struggle is the myth that you should be able to accomplish what the working mom does and the stay-at-home mom does, all the while meeting your children’s needs.  On the tough days, I think the children would benefit from full-time care so they aren't ignored by me all day.  On the good days, I get lots done while spending time with my children so I can enjoy the weekends with my family.

If you are still with me, the conclusion is that each position comes with its challenges and it’s nice to have a couple of items in the refrigerator to throw together for a last minute BBQ or a dinner you don’t have time to plan and shop for.  That is where this coleslaw comes in...

Healthy and Tasty Coleslaw by Jolie:

A bag of Broccoli Slaw (shredded broccoli & carrots)
¼ cup of Coleslaw Dressing by Litehouse
A handful of Craisins
A handful of Sunflower Seeds

Toss together and serve!  Those bags of slaw can last forever in the fridge, by the way.  Also, for any of you with guilt over working while your children are feeling ignored, I was given this perspective from someone in the past that helped me:  Think of it like children playing in the fields while their mothers worked.  I am showing them a good work ethic while still being available to them.

Finally, a picture from our last minute weeknight BBQ with neighbors and my dad as we all juggle our lives!


  1. This is a really great post Jolie! I am in the first category and you described my woes perfectly! Everything has to wait for the weekend and then the weekend is soaked up! I will try this broccoli slaw recipe - it is brilliant and looks yummy. xo

  2. Mmm broccoli slaw, I gotta try that. Great post! I'm learning exactly what you mean about the part-time mom category. I feel busier than ever, how is that??

  3. Missy--Its because you now have 2 full time jobs crammed in the time you used to work 1.
    I work from home taking care of kids full time. Even though I am home, I can't get a thing done, groceries bought, or dinner made. What do I do all day, anyway? Thanks, Jolie!

  4. Thank god I returned that Green bowl -love anonymous.;) ps salad looks good too.