Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Food Theme: Weeknight (Madness) Meals

Who's feeling extremely overwhelmed lately? Anyone? 

Yeah, I thought so.

I was telling Amber recently how I feel like life just pulled out a can of whoop-ass on all of us. When life gets crazy, it's nice to have those go-to dinners because something should be easy in your day. So May is all about ease, the go-to weeknight dinners that are quickly prepared and taste grubbin'. 

I know my busy Beauties can whip up some awesome meals to help our chao-, I mean cause...

Perfect example:

French Bread Pizza: Slice a loaf of French bread in half and use pizza toppings to make a quick, better-than-pizza pizza. (Don't overdo the tomato/pizza sauce or it'll get soggy.) Bake 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until cheese is melted well. Or, if it's a nice spring day and you want to fire up the grill, place your pizza on foil on a medium-heat grill till heated through. Serve with something green and call it dinner.


  1. Love this theme and I'm excited for new ideas since Curtis may kill me if I serve grilled cheese and tomato soup one more time for dinner! And your pizza is brilliant, so easy and will obviously be a hit!

  2. That is a good weeknight dinner that I never make! Thanks for the reminder. Might pull this one out next week. I totally hear you about life being crazy right now.

  3. This is the best. I should have photographed my dinner last night! Darn! Oh well. I will do that one again. Meatball subs! Look out!