Friday, February 1, 2013

February Food Theme: Casseroles (and a Giving Challenge!)

The food theme for February is: Casseroles!  And you thought soup month was good…

I have always wanted to be better at casseroles. We didn't eat them when I was growing up like my husband (who is now slightly terrified of them).  But the concept is so practical! In fact, one of our Beauties is a part of a frozen dinner club, where they prepare multiple casseroles, freeze them, and then exchange them with the other members. That way you are preparing one huge meal and getting multiple various casseroles in return.

Even if you aren't organized enough to be a part of a meal club, you will surely know someone some day who has just had a baby or someone who just broke their elbow (me) and would love almost ANYTHING hot and made with love. You really should have one go-to casserole you can put together on short notice.

Thank you to our friend Hillary for inspiring me this month and delivering a home made shepherd's pie when I broke my elbow. We didn't even wait for it to thaw and my family ate it so fast it was slightly shocking (really, both children!).

So I challenge you this month to make two trays of your casserole recipe and pay it forward! Then report back on the giving.


  1. Welcome February! I love me some casserole! Why is Andre so scarred by casseroles? Mixing foods issue?

    I'm stoked on your challenge too. Definitely a good, easy opportunity to do a kind deed this month. I love it all!

  2. I think too many box tuna casserole meals as a child of a busy working mom. But he will fall back in love with them after this month!

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  4. This looks great! I wrote about my new go-to cookbook for our freezer club here: (The post also has the shepherd's pie recipe Jolie mentioned.) We trade a lot of things other than casseroles, but I have to say that the one-dish meals are -- by far -- my personal favorite. There are some amazing casserole recipes in the cookbook.

  5. There's nothing more comforting than casseroles and for some reason they taste better when someone else makes them! Love your idea of paying it forward and sharing. Can't wait to see what recipes pop up this month!

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