Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Challenge: Food Themes!

A new year, a new challenge
Wow. We at Beauties and the Feast can hardly believe we’re about to kick off our third year of food blogging. With nearly 220 posts and over 57,000 page views, we couldn’t have imagined having more fun while so many people tuned in to read about our culinary successes, disasters and life reflections.
We’ve had a new challenge each year. Our first was for each of us to claim a month and post a recipe, and have each one of us follow the recipe and post about the results. The second year we went Iron Chef style and chose an ingredient of the month, which challenged us to use something in a creative and delicious way. This year we’ve got a new challenge and we can’t wait for your participation.
In 2013 we’ll each be choosing a food theme in the beginning of the month. This way, we promise you’ll still have at least 4 new recipes (hopefully 6!) and hope that you’ll join in on the fun by sending your recipes to us, or volunteering for a guest-post!
January's Food Theme
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So to kick off January, the month of freezing weather, frosty window panes and weekend days spent indoors curled up in a warm blankie, I’m choosing to proclaim the month of January Soup & Stew month! Also, I just got a brand new dutch oven for Christmas that I can't wait to use.

Thank you to all of you who read about, comment on and try our recipes! We really enjoy your participation and inspiration.
Happy 2013!
Megan, Emily, Rachel, Jolie, Missy and Amber


  1. Really, really, really excited for this new year challenge!

  2. I love how you guys change things up! Look forward to another year with lots of great recipes to try!

  3. Dutch Ovens = Happiness! And I LOVE soups and stews, can't wait to see what recipes emerge this month.

  4. Wow! Happy Year 3, Beauties! Looking forward to seeing what you have for us this year!