Monday, October 1, 2012

October Ingredient: Sweet Spreads

Let me explain.

My Pinterest keeps blowing up with tempting Nutella recipes that I keep swearing I'm going to try one of these days. And I recently discovered Cookie Butter at Trader Joe's that I keep swearing I'm going to bake cookies with. Not to mention, TJ's has its own chocolate almond spread I have yet to try. And Emily recently sent me some delicious-looking recipes for how to use Biscoff Spread. 

So here's the deal: I'm going to make good on trying a recipe using a sweet spread this month, and I'm challenging the Beauties to do the same. The rules are this: It has to be a sweet (ish) spread generally likened to peanut butter. So no cheese spreads, tapenades, hummus, savory spreads, etc. I want to satisfy this sweet tooth!

Are you up for it?

This should be me holding a jar of Nutella bigger than my head.


  1. I'm dying over that picture! I'm up for the challenge. Baby Adamson does a little jig every time I eat something sweet, so I'm going to do it, just because it makes the baby happy.

  2. Wow! You are throwing me on this one! I'm going to have to figure out something creative and yummy! Thanks for the challenge. :)

  3. I'm up for it! I have been dying to try Trader Joe's cookie spread.

  4. Looking forward to what you come up with! This cookie spread you are talking about sounds sinful! On my way to TJ's now! ;)