Friday, October 19, 2012

Nutella Crunch Treats

As I was sitting in my kitchen trying to get inspired for dinner, but instead snacking on Vanilla Almond Cluster Cereal straight out of the box, I thought to myself: This is deliciousThis is really delicious. This is like eating candy out of a box delicious.

Then I really got into it: I wonder what this would taste like dipped in Nutella. Because of course I was thinking about BATF. And then it hit me: Make a bar out of this stuff dipped in Nutella. Then it hit me again: Make it like Rice Krispie Treats with a Nutella topping!!!

In a matter of seconds I designed an amazing dessert (breakfast?) out of hunger. I can do amazing things on a empty stomach.

You make these Nutella Crunch Treats exactly like Rice Krispie Treats but use vanilla granola instead of Rice Krispies:  

1/2 stick butter
1 10 oz bag of marshmallows
1 16 oz box of TJ's Vanilla Almond Granola Cereal
1 13 oz jar of Nutella 

Melt butter in a sauce pan. Add a couple heaping spoonfuls of Nutella and the marshmallows. Stir until melted together. Add granola, stir until well coated. Transfer to baking dish and press. Let cool for about an hour. Then top with a layer of Nutella spread. Makes about a dozen squares.

The result: First off, I'm kind of a Nutella purist. I like to eat it straight out of the jar and I generally think the other stuff ruins it. (I did have a Nutella crepe once at a food fair and that was good.) I think it's funny how they have a piece of white bread on the Nutella jar, like that's a good combo. Gross. Anyway, so I had high hopes for this but not high expectations. And IT DELIVERED! Wow. ALL MY NUTELLA DREAMS COME TRUE! My little stroke of genius was surely inspired.

PS: After dipping my finger in the melting marshmallow/butter/Nutella goodness, I realized Nutella would also be genius in a s'more. You're welcome.


  1. So I know I claim I don’t love nutella, but I have a feeling I’ll LOVE these bars! I’m so impressed you made this recipe up and the s’mores idea is brilliant too. I now have a serious sweet tooth. Can you deliver a plate of these please? For the baby? Pretty please???

  2. This is pure brilliance! I love this post you are so funny!!!