Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Kelly's Summer '12 Secret Weapon

My husband's secret weapon this summer came straight off the shelf at the grocery store. Nothing freshly picked or squeezed from the garden. Straight up strawberry margarita mix in a big canister.

Generally I can't stand margarita mixes because they're too sweet for my taste, but this strawberry stuff mixed with a few other things actually tastes pretty good. Just last week Kelly made a big pitcher of booze with ice, triple sec, strawberry margarita mix and vodka...and it was awesome! He definitely wins for best booze creations in a pinch this summer.

When in doubt of a good mixer, pick up the strawberry 'rita mix!


  1. I normally avoid marg mixes as well because they're way too sweet, but I've experienced one of Kelly's strawberry concoctions and I wanted to keep drinking and drinking!

  2. You didn't know that I am the Strawberry Margarita Maker from the mix superstar? Mmmmm, Kelly may have some competition.

  3. Replies
    1. Yuuup, better prove them fightin' words. I'll be an unbiased judge, I promise.

    2. Oh I will bring it! Do you forget that the person who started the Olive Garden called this my "speciality"....

    3. What did he say about your pasta fagiole?