Friday, August 24, 2012

Caprese Torta

This is not my official tomato post. This is a classic, so delicious and so easy that I couldn’t resist sharing. And it only has four ingredients! But don’t worry, I will try a tomato recipe that’s new to me and post about it before the end of the month!

For this fabulous sandwich that’s perfect for an easy weeknight dinner (no dishes!) yet fancy enough to serve when girlfriends come over for lunch, all you have to do it pick up four simple ingredients from Costco:

#1: Torta Rolls – my new favorite sandwich / Panini bread

#2: Fresh tomatoes – if you’re like me and your home grown tomatoes are still green

#3: Pesto – this is one of Curtis’ new and improved items at Costco and one of my very favorite foods!

#4: Mozzarella – if they have fresh buffalo mozzarella in brine, get it. But when it’s in, it goes quickly so this is a good back up.

Caprese Torta 
Turn on your broiler. Spread one side of the sliced torta with pesto and put a few slices of mozz on the other side. Broil just until the bread is slightly toasted, the pesto is bubbling and smells divine and the cheese has started to melt. Take it out of the oven, add a few slices of fresh tomato and voila! One of the best food combos known to wo-man. And it’s that easy!  Note: Curtis says you’re not supposed to heat up / cook pesto, but add it to hot food after the fact. So he toasts his bread and then spreads on the pesto. But I don’t listen to him.

And I’m a purist, but Curtis likes to omit the tomatoes and replace them with salami!

And as long as you have pesto, tomatoes and mozzarella on hand, you can also make Pesto & Tomato Frittata from The Little Yellow Kitchen. That's what I plan to do this weekend!


  1. Delicious! I just had those torta rolls on Saturday. They are fabulous. I may need to go to Costco...

  2. I wish I had one right now. I can't wait to try a sandwich on a torta roll!

  3. You can look forward to one more Caprese post this month! Emily, we must love the same things. I bought that pesto from Costco and it is SO good. Can't wait to try the torta roll. And tell Curtis I think you can totally toast pesto. The oil helps brown the bread! Duh :)