Thursday, July 19, 2012

The "More is More" Cocktail

When Kelly took one look at the ingredients in this cocktail, he was like, "You know, sometimes less is more." And then when he took a sip and realized how good it was, I was like, "Sometimes more is more..."

This drink is reminiscent of Hawaiian punch so I guess that would be the cheater way to make this: punch, booze, done. But I didn't have Hawaiian punch so I re-created it using a few more ingredients I happened to have:

For a tall drink over ice, add:

1 shot vodka or white rum
1 shot triple sec orange liqueur
1/2 small carton of coconut water
1 shot of club soda
1 shot of pineapple juice
1 shot of strawberry margarita mix
Couple squirts of lime and lemon juice

For you PNWers, support local! 

Great presentation, pre-stirred.

But I highly recommend you stir it before you take a swig.

Best enjoyed poolside...


  1. Is this the drink you were serving for 4th of July? If so, it's SO SO SO good. And really pretty too!