Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gnocchi Redemption

I discovered what makes less-than-thrilling leftover gnocchi taste delicious. Marinara! But I wasn't sure...so I had to add basil chicken sausage just to make sure.

This was the gnocchi I know and love! It was the same gnocchi from the night before but when I added a punch of sauce, it became awesome. The gnocchi were that perfect pillowy texture you find in the restaurant slathered in yummy sauce. And instead of "It's okay babe; it's not bad," I got a whole lot of "Mmmm" and "This is gooood; is this the same stuff from last night?!"

So my new recipe not having anything to do with rosemary (sorry Beauties) goes something like this:

Fabio's amazing gnocchi

Trader Joe's amazing marinara sauce
Trader Joe's amazing basil chicken sausage
Some brand of amazing Parmesan cheese

Slice the chicken and brown it in a skillet, add the sauce and gnocchi and get it hot! Serve and top with parm. Mangia!

Skillet gnocchi goodness -- the official name.

I may have had three or four small helpings...

The secret weapon. This might even beat Prego, it's that good.

Has anyone else notice the random re-names for Trader Joe's products such as Trader Giotto's above and Trader Ming's here? I also had some salsa called Trader Jose's. Brilliance.


  1. I love a story with a happy ending! And this is making me seriously crave gnocchi! Can’t wait to try your recipe with TJ’s secret sauce! And yes, their branded products with the appropriate TJ’s names crack me up… brilliant and clever marketing.

  2. hahahahah! love the title of this post! This looks so good!