Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: The Pink Gem

In honor of some Beauty birthdays this week, Emily and I created a couple delicious, celebratory beverages. The first cocktail comes in twos, or "twins." I call it the "Pink Gem," short for Gemini, in honor of Amber whose birthday is tomorrow and my birthday which was yesterday.

Me and Amber -- so in love.
As I wrote before, this drink should be poured for two -- one for each twin -- and also because, well, what drink isn't best shared? If you juice it or blend it, you'll likely end up with enough for two anyway, so there ya go. Here's how you make the Pink Gem:

The Pink Gem(ini)

Half baby watermelon, any seeds removed
Handful of Strawberries, stems removed
1 kiwi, peeled
Sliver of ginger
1-2 shots white rum over ice

Combine ingredients in juicer or blender and go! Garnish with extra berries. Makes 2 perfect servings in a tall or pilsner glass.

The Pink Gem
I don't have a picture of the second drink I concocted but I think Emily liked it even better than the first one. I had extra so Kelly got one too. And days later, Kelly says to me outta nowhere: "Do not change that grapefruit drink. I know how you like to play with your recipes so they never ever turn out the same, but pleeeease don't mess with this one!" Okay, geez.

So here's the recipe I will likely alter to Kelly's dismay. Using a juicer, I juiced:

2 grapefruits, peeled
1 orange, peeled
1 apple
2 sticks celery
2 T fresh rosemary
1-2 shots vodka over ice

I thought it was good too but I had to get used to the bitter grapefruit taste that Emily and Kelly really loved. (Kelly, close your eyes.) I bet you could switch up the orange and grapefruit measurements or add a dash of sweetener to change it up a bit. If you're a fan of Greyhounds, you'll love it. But what shall we call it?... about a name that will sweeten it up a bit? I'll call it the "Otto McCrae" in honor of Beauty boy #6 who was born on the same day as this beverage. That's right- Rachel DID IT! We were all biting our nails, egging her for updates every day and waiting for a birth announcement like the impatient people we are. But like a good boy, Otto came early, just a few days before his due date. We are SO happy he's finally here!

Happy Birthday Amber and Otto!!!


  1. Yay!!! Happy birthday, Missy! Love this! You look so cute in that picture and those drinks look delish. Love you!

  2. Our second cocktail brought back great memories of the fresh grapefruit juice greyhounds we had in Bend with Jenny Goodman. And this post brings back great memories of last weekend when the sun was in full force, I hope it comes out again soon! Thanks for treating me to fresh juice “healthy” cocktails and relaxing day at your new house – it was really nice to be waited on and fed all day.

    Happy Birthday Otto, Missy and Amber!

  3. Yummy!!!! And I can have one now!