Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: A Lesson in Martini Lingo and Garnish

It was Beauty Jolie who actually introduced me to the "dirty martini." And it was some bartender somewhere after that who taught me the appropriate way to order a disgustingly, nasty, icky, extra dirty, gimme-the-whole-jar-of-olive-juice martini. He explained I simply had to ask for a "filthy, dirty martini" and the bartender would know what that meant. Okay. Not as fun, but okay.

Kelly likes his Grey Goose nearly untouched, however, he does have a delicious olive garnish that's pretty to-die-for. Actually, my brother Jeremy gets credit for this one: You get the jalapeno-stuffed olives and discard jalapeno (by popping it in your mouth). Then you get one of those soupy, good jars of good bleu cheese chunks and start stuffing the empty olives until they're bulging full. Let those soak in your martini, dirty or not, until you just can't wait any longer to pop one in your mouth. So long boring olives of the past...

And that's all for today's edition of Booze News You Can Use. Cheers!


  1. Booze news you can use - I love it! I've never been brave enough to try a "real" martini, but I think if that vodka had enough blue cheese stuffed olives in it, I could be convinced to give it a try!

  2. I love this. One of my favorite drinks is a filthy dirty Gin Martini. It's like a shot of happiness to the heart. Give it to me.

  3. Since I am a housewife with out the house, husband, or kids these days I am unable to hold my liquor so this would be daring. The olives do make them sound worth trying.