Thursday, March 1, 2012

March's Ingredient: Lamb

I am enjoying our new "secret ingredient" blog format and love that it sticks to our theme of pushing our culinary boundaries. When my friend Amanda found out she was pregnant she did a lot of reading about super foods and what's important to eat during the nine months before birth and it turns out lamb is on that list. Who knew? I'm not pregnant, but super foods are good for everyone! I've only had lamb a few times and I certainly have never cooked it. Amanda's findings made me curious, here is what some of my research turned up:

Lamb has a high nutritional value and is an especially good source of easily absorbed zinc and iron. The recommended daily allowance provided by a three ounce serving of cooked lamb is 30% for zinc (essential for growth, tissue repair, and a healthy immune system) and 17% for iron (needed for the formation of red blood cells). Lamb is rich in B vitamins, especially B12. One serving can provide 74-100% of the daily requirement for Vitamin B12, which is essential for the body's metabolic reactions. Lamb is also nature's best source for an amino acid called carnitine, which is needed to generate energy from fatty acids. Trace elements such as copper, manganese, and selenium are also found in this meat, and it contains a rich supply of high quality protein.

Before settling on this ingredient for March I of course had to search for recipes and I realized just how many cuts there are and all the things you can make with lamb! I know this may be a challenge for some, but if anyone can do it, my beauties can! Can't wait to see what recipes are posted this month. Bon appetite!


  1. Holy Shite! This scares me and excites me at the same time. :)

  2. I was just thinking how funny it would be if we had to incorporate every secret ingredient we’ve had so far. If that was the case, I’d make kale and lamb meatballs over penne pasta. So excited for this ingredient and looking forward to trying a new recipe and possibly a new cut of lamb!

  3. I am so excited for this month beauties! Steve and I can't get enough of lamb so I will be eager to get some new ideas. Although, you can't beat slightly grilled with a yummy yogurt and mint sauce.