Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Hot Ginger Toddy


It was three days of being stuck at the house due to a snow storm in the Northwest that beat out every snow storm since 1985.  And for some reason, we, on Kansas street, got it even worse and were totally socked in.  No work, no school, no mail (the mail truck did try, but it slid into the ditch, took out our mail box and had to get pulled out by the neighbors.)  What did we do the whole time?  For three days straight of not leaving the house?  Well, I'm glad you asked.

We tried to ride our balance bike in the snow.  No go.

Andy built a sledding hill on the deck stairs.

Andy made another sledding hill when that one got boring.

We sucked on binkies.

We shook trees on ourselves

We made a snowman.

Frosty, meet Ching: he's one bad-ass Mo Fo.

Andy made a snow fort.  It took him three hours.  We all went inside.

We went back outside to see it and stand in it.  And then we went back inside.

We built a bus out of pillows and a lounge chair and we drove to the bread place.

We wore our pajamas even though it was 4:00 p.m. while watching a lot of TV.  Stop judging me.

I discovered a love and appreciation for stretch pants.  Yes, they make my hips look large and my ankles look crazy skinny, but this is high fashion, yo.

By the third day we had a fever.  Cabin fever.  And there's nothing better to cure a fever than a Hot Toddy, so I looked online and found out that some people add ginger and/or ginger ale to their toddy's.  And we already had Ginger Ale in the house left over from when we made Dirty Santa's.  We didn't have any Bourbon or lemons though, so Andy braved the weather and went to the store.  Priorities.

4 oz. ginger ale
2 oz. water
1 healthy squeeze of lemon
drizzle of honey
1.5 oz. Bourbon

Combine all ingredients except the bourbon in a mug and microwave until nice and hot. Add Bourbon.  Drink.

I made this recipe up and was a little nervous to try it, but it was one of the most surprisingly delicious drinks I've ever had.  It's going to be my #1 go-to hot drink.  It's so yummy, spicy on your throat (which I can imagine would be really good for a real cold/flu) and it fizzes!  And who has ever had a fizzy hot drink before?  So fun and yummy!

This is a picture of Asher eating the lemon wedge from my Hot Ginger Toddy.  Don't worry, it wasn't soaked in Bourbon.  But, look at this kid!  He's all like, "What? Ef my enamel, I eat lemons, mutha f#$*%&^!"  After he sucked on it, he dropped it right back into my drink.  I was seriously bummed for a moment but I decided to drink it anyway; can't let good alcohol go to waste.


  1. FAVORITE POST!!! Wonderful, hot beverage aside, this looks like an awesome way to be snowed in! Andy is a bad ass mofo for all the snow fun he built, and snow-ninja Ching might be the most perfect-looking snowman I've ever seen. And gurl, Jman has spent way too much time playing on our iPads and phones - it's bad. No judging here. LOVED this post and all the pics of your cute boys!

  2. That looks like a ton of fun :) Better than working, that's for sure!! Boys are adorable and Ching is the best looking snowman I've seen in many winters.

  3. OMG Snow Ninja Ching! I love it. He WAS perfect. Andy built him too. (I decorated). I think we live in the wrong place for Andy. He would make a really good Colorado dad and would totally participate in the ice sculpture contests. I can see it now.

  4. Mateo does that too! He's a total lemon eater. He did it when I took the kids out to eat recently... He ate everyone's lemons out of their water. But it's a great way to alkalanize the system. Ash and Tooty will outlive us all if they keep up the lemon eating.

  5. Looks like three relaxing and fun snow days! I was cracking up over the bourbon/lemons/priorities :) Love it. And the snow fort and snow man are perfect!
    By the way, I gave you six lovely ladies the Liebster Award!
    Post it, and pass it on :)

  6. You make snow days look good! I wish I had some snow. Although I will settle for a hot toddy.

  7. This post made my day! It looks so fantastic and if I was snowed in with two kids all day I would have to drink a LOT of hot toddys.

  8. Love this post! I want to come to your house for a spa, I mean snow day! Snow forts, PJ's, lots of TV and cocktails sound like bliss! Oh and a hot ginger cocktail? Sign me up - can't wait to try this when I get back to cold, snowy WA!

  9. Damn it, I don't have any of these ingredients except for the lemon! I could really go for one of these right now, as I have an awful cold. My mom used to make me a hot toddy when I was sick (she's awesome like that) and they really do the trick. May have to send Adam out for some supplies!

  10. I won't judge you if you don't judge me ... I got hooked on these two months ago when I was really sick and had a killer sore throat. I reasoned with myself that a little liquor would be safer for breastfeeding than cough syrup. Right? Right?! Anyway, I made mine with spiced rum instead of bourbon. And now I'm still drinking them while perfectly well. Can't wait to try one with ginger ale!

  11. So funny! And it looks like you all had a blast! Nothing like crazy weather and a three day vacation with your boys!