Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: Megan's Pomegranate Sparkle

Okay, you got me - I love naming drinks after myself.  I can't help it!  You should also know that I am the sparkle princess.  I love all thinks sparkly and that includes drinks and most especially champagne.

We told you about our lovely BATF get together and my contribution was a holiday drink for us to enjoy at the spa.  We went to a beautiful spa called Sister Moon Spa in Cle Elum.  They were wonderful to us but I think when our "host" offered to pour our drinks for us she was a bit shocked when  I pulled out champagne, mixer, and fresh Pomegranate seeds from our rolling cooler.  That is how the Beauties roll! 

I love fall because Pomegranates are in season.  They are excellent anti-oxidants.  This is why they go perfect with alcoholic beverages.  You get to anti-oxidize while enjoying an adult beverage.   This is why this drink was so closely aligned with the spa.  Are you seeing the connection?

Aren't they just the most beautiful fruit?  This is a very easy cocktail and you can make it as simple and as sweet as you like.

Megan's Pomegranate Sparkle

1 part *Champagne, Sparkling Wine, or Prosecco
1 part of Sparkling Pomegranate Juice (found in grocery stores and Trader Joe's)
Fresh Pomegranate Seeds (I cheat and buy them already seeded)

*Champagne can be easily substituted for Vodka and often is.

If you want the vodka version of this less sweet, just add club soda.

These go down very easily and if you are not careful and have too many of them your night can look like this:

Stay Sparkly!


  1. I am laughing SO HARD! This is the best. I have yet to see the pictures from our night out. Can someone send them to me? So funny.

  2. OMG Megan I am dying!!!! That guy had the most killer sweater. I love you!!!

  3. Of course, OF COURSE the crazy guy winds up next to ME. Thanks for sparkling up our spa day sparkle princess!

  4. The guys at the Brick are so dreamy!

    LOVE this cocktail – the bouncing pomegranate seeds are so festive and it’s oh so delicious!

  5. Actually now that I think of it, I'm wondering if it really was the best massage of my life or if it was the Megan Sparkle Pomegranite Sparkley Sparkle that I had before the massage that made it so good.

  6. These look really good and so pretty! And that last pic is pretty funny =)