Monday, October 31, 2011

Rachel's Review: Oktoberfest Chicken

I was so excited to try this recipe - we aren't huge poultry eaters at my house, mainly because JJ thinks chicken has no flavor. In his opinion - chicken tastes like whatever you cook it in. Soooo...chicken cooked in beer should be pretty tasty right? I chose a seasonal beer - Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat.

I followed the recipe fairly closely (no cheaters here) except I used bottled lemon juice instead of fresh and thyme instead of sage. The butter/garlic/thyme/pepper combination smelled SOOOO heavenly and it actually made me enjoy rubbing the chicken down. Is that weird? Popped the bird in the oven and let it start getting happy. I didn't really think about how beer cooking in the oven would smell - did anyone else think it started out kind of funky? Maybe it's just me :) But the funkiness went away quickly and the house started to smell fabulous, very comfort-foody. I pulled the bird out after the scheduled cooking time and snapped a quick picture while I finished up my sides - mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts.

Everything smelled and looked so good and we were both starving. I sliced into the bird and saw...PINK!! Ewwww!!! Not done!!! I probably should have paid more attention to what everyone else's chicken looked like when it came out of the oven - that is the advantage of being the last to post, right? Mine was definitely not the crispy delicious brown that it should have been. (Side note - This has nothing to do with the recipe, my oven just sucks. This happens more than I'd like to admit and I always forget.) So back in the oven it went and we tried to distract ourselves from our rumbling stomachs with a little TV. All it took was another 20 minutes and it was perfect.

That is a delicious plate of comfort food right there. Perfect for a fall evening! Looking forward to making this recipe again - next time I will not forget about my stupid oven and the extra cooking time.

Cheers and Happy Halloween everyone!!!


  1. Oh my god, those Brussels Sprouts and the pile of mashed potatoes look so delicious! So what was JJ’s verdict? Has he become a chicken convert? Love this post, I can just picture you giggling as you were rubbing that chicken!

    Six out of six reviews – I’m so impressed Beauties!

  2. You did it!! Woot! And omg, I'm laughing at the bird rub down. Whatever floats your boat sister... Lol!

  3. Not sure he is convert yet but he did say, and I quote "this is pretty good". Hahaha :)

  4. And the pile of potatoes really isn't bigger than the piece of chicken - its, ummmm, just the angle of the picture...

  5. This post made me laugh! I never thought about it either but I bet beer does smell a little funky when heated! :)

  6. I am so happy to hear from you! I can't believe you didn't even provide pictures of your chicken with your chicken.