Friday, August 12, 2011

Breakfast on a Boat: Megan's Belated Review

Pie for Breakfast
The boat only made it as far as Baltimore before we turned back to head back to Florida.  I have to say I have been to Baltimore once before and never thought of it as a great place to visit but they have done a lot with the harbor.   I would say I LOVED Annapolis a lot more but Baltimore was a pleasant surprise.  If you are confused as to where I am from, join the club.  My friends think it is funny because I have a different answer every time someone asks me.  It is confusing but let me give you a rundown.  I was an Air Force brat growing up but was later in my dad's career so I didn't do a lot of moving around.  I say I grew up in Nebraska, college in Washington, and my 20's in California.  There is some overlapping there but that seems to work the best.  My best friend from  growing up in Nebraska lives in Baltimore.  It was so much fun to see her!  We went to school together from 4th grade through our sophomore year in high school.  In fact, the last time I was in Nebraska was at her wedding 6 years ago.  I even got to catch up with her twice.
Amanda & Megan
You have to understand that when the guests are on board I work all day-every day.  We had just finished 21 days straight of guests on board and we were exhausted.  I have been dying to try the Pie for Breakfast so I invited Amanda and family over.  My sister is a huge fan of this recipe and makes it for all our family functions.  This way I could make it well ahead of time so I could relax, enjoy my breakfast, and enjoy my first day off in about 20 days.  I made three kinds in small disposable pans: bacon/green onion/ cheddar blend, asparagus/gruyere/ham, spicy sausage/pepper jack.  Here is a cool thing about working on a boat.  They encourage us to try new things for them in regards to food, locale, etc.  I get to got to the grocery store and grab things I normally would never buy.  I stumbled on Sister Schubert's Cinnamon Rolls.  They are pretty darn close to homemade (sorry Aunt Donna).  I served them with my pie for breakfast.  I got pretty good reviews.
Alexa munching away
Vinny poured our Mimosa's
Claire kept watch for Pirates
The Bowden's on the boat with a view of Baltimore Harbor 


  1. I love all your different blends for this recipe. That's what makes it so great, the ability to switch it up and almost zero chance of messing up. Great that you got to catch up with an old friend...and you have to admit, the Baltimore Harbor cityscape is pretty cool.

  2. Love that you're going back in time to review an old favorite! Those kiddos are cutie pies!

  3. So glad you reminded me of this recipe- the ham, asparagus, and gruyere sounds fantastic. I need to make this- maybe Sunday morning. If I remember right, there is a kickin' bloody mary recipe somewhere on your site. I will investigate...