Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thirsty Thursday - Georgia Peach Iced Tea

In case you aren't aware of my schedule this summer, we are working our way up the East Coast from Florida. I have spent the last month in the lovely southern region. Did I mention it is HOT there? I mean really, really hot? It is pretty cool to stay in the different marinas and get to experience the South from the water, but the humidity plus heat makes me crave air conditioning and a cold cocktail more often than not. What drink comes to mind when you think of the South? Sweet tea, of course! I personally don't like drinks that are too sweet so when we stumbled upon this drink walking on the River Street in Savannah, I was sold. The main ingredient of this drink is Sweet Tea Vodka. We love Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka on the boat. It is from Charleston where were were lucky enough to spend almost two weeks. If you have never been to Charleston, move it to the top of your "places to visit" list.

Georgia Peach Iced Tea

1 Shot (2 oz.) Sweet Tea Vodka

1/2 Shot (1 oz.) Peach Schnapps (Peachtree or something similar)

1 Shot (2 oz.) Unsweetened Black Iced Tea

1 Shot (2 oz.) Lemonade (I Use Lorina Sparkling Lemonade)

Mix and pour over ice. I make a pitcher and pour on demand. If you want to make it even less sweet, use only iced tea or substitute the lemonade for club soda. Garnish with a lemon or a slice of fresh Peach. Beware, these should come with a warning label!

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  1. Sounds fabulous! Love the idea of the fresh peach garnish. I had sweet tea vodka when we were on the east coast and it was delicious... hopefully our NW liquor stores will have it! Love hearing your travel stories - keep 'em coming!