Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thirsty Thursday - Sweet Basil Martini (Rachel)

This post kicks off a new feature for Beauties and the Feast - a weekly "Thirsty Thursday" cocktail recipe that we hope our faithful readers will enjoy as part of the upcoming weekend! As always we want to hear from you - let us know how you liked the recipe and how you modified it to suit your tastes.

JJ and I visited Winthrop over Memorial Day weekend for a spur of the moment get away. We had dinner at Sun Mountain Lodge - our all time favorite restaurant. They always have wild game on the menu (a must for hunter types like us) and the mushroom strudel is TO DIE FOR - it will be a future BATF recipe if I can figure out how to make it. I had a hankering for a pre-dinner cocktail while we enjoyed our view of the Methow Valley and Colbey, our waiter, recommended the Sweet Basil Martini. When he brought it out my mouth immediately started watering - the basil fragrance was so potent! And it tasted even better - fresh and light, perfect for summer sipping. Enjoy!

1 - 1/2 oz gin

3/4 oz Lillet - a brand of French aperitif wine, I had never heard of this, found it at the local grocery store with the best wine selection. It is a blend of Bordeaux wines and citrus liqueur. Thanks Wikipedia :)

3 basil leaves

Juice of one lemon

Muddle the basil leaves and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker. Add the gin, Lillet and a handful of ice. Shake well and strain into your glass. Garnish with a basil sprig.

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  1. There's not much going on in my garden - but I do have basil, and lots of it! Thirsty Thursday is going to extend into Friday, can't wait to get off work and make one of these babies! Hope I can find the Lillet.

  2. Wow, thanks Rachelpedia! Lillet sounds so sophisticated. I cannot wait to try this one! Lovin' Thirsty Thursday.

  3. Basil is my favorite fresh herb. This may become my signature drink!

  4. Very excited by this new feature!