Monday, April 18, 2011

April Potatoes: Kid Tested and Approved

We went condo camping last weekend; basically we camped indoors in a cabin that wasn't furnished yet. Who needs furniture when you've got camping chairs and a fridge full of food?

Fellow Beauties, Jolie and Emily, and their families joined us there. Emily came for night 2 so she didn't get a chance to try my version of the potato dish that I made for night 1. But the rest of the crew gave it a great review. In fact, Jolie's 5-year-old gave his unsolicited opinion that went something like this: "I love these potatoes," followed by "Everyone who loves this dinner raise your hand," followed by "Everyone who loves this dinner raise both hands." I'm happy to report all hands were raised, and yeah, the potatoes were pretty delish.

The last time I tried a potato recipe for rosemary and blue cheese au gratin potatoes, I followed the recipe, adding just a bit more cheese than was called for and it was a crowd favorite. So I did the same here; little more cheese, little more garlic and voila. I forgot to get flour so I sprinkled a few tablespoons of seasoned bread crumbs just to see what might happen. Whatever it did, if anything, worked. I also omitted the milk and used only heavy cream.

I broiled it for the last few minutes to get a brown top and then let it sit for 10 minutes to let the cheese sauce harden. We served it up with grilled flank steak in balsamic and garlic marinade and a side salad.

But the most important thing I'm taking away from the April recipe is the lesson I learned at QFC: There is a fairly attractive cheese guy who can point you to the exact cheese you want, give you all kinds of beta about it and then offer to shred it right there for you. SOLD! I'll never shred cheese again!

If you need a reliable, yummy recipe for an Easter side dish, this is the one! But what made it so good? Was it the slightly crisp crust?

Or the locally-brewed beer shared with friends?

Could it be the fresh mountain air?

No. I'm sure it was the side dish of wine with trash mags. Done and done.


  1. I'm sold and really hoping my local QFC has a good looking guy who will grate cheese for me! Thanks for a great weekend in the mountains!

  2. I love this post! Those potatoes look SO good. Can't wait to make it for easter dinner. Mason, what a sweetheart!

  3. That looks pretty amazing! And, by that, I mean ALL of it. You all are living life right! Cheers!

  4. I LOVED this recipe and have already made it twice. I am really jealous of your cheese guy, we made my brother grate it by hand. He wasn't very happy.

  5. I don't know how to top Missy version! Nothing better than some trang mags, camping chairs and a fire in the fire place!

  6. I love any kind of potato, but my favorite has cheese. These look amazingly delicious! I grew up in Bellevue, Washington and we lived close to a QFC. It brings back good childhood memories!