Thursday, February 17, 2011

What happened to January?

Me & the Bear at the bar
I wouldn't say I was a "failure" for not blogging last month's recipe but I did "fail" to get it done.  I am now in the second week of February and can barely remember what day it is much less what happened to my January.  I am currently working at a snowmobile lodge in Dubois, WY.  It is called Crooked Creek and we cater to Snowmobilers.  They actually call it "sledding".  It has been an interesting experience to say the least.  Who knew snowmobiling was a hardcore sport?  I am the breakfast cook/waitress/bartender.  The month of January started off pretty sad with my Uncle Bud's memorial service.  It was also the weekend of "our" shared birthday and then a quick pack up and move to Wyoming.  We got hit with some illness, my new friend Cari going home to South Africa, and a pretty hopping place to work which equaled more hours then I had counted on.

In honor of the recipe, I did make sure I did a shout out to the blog at the bar.  I have to say it is hard living at a place where I can order something from the deep fryer for free.  I don't want to burst anyone's bubble but clean that baby out once and it will put you off french fries for a while.  I had promised myself that I would make this recipe but when it came to the end of the month I was just plain too exhausted to cook.   Me "Washington", Cari "South Africa", and Becky "Georgia" decided to order us some wings instead.  It was Cari's going away party and they were so good we had to order a second round.  We ate the skin, ate the meat off the bone, and it had plenty of spice.  We were also able to have some bleu cheese dressing to dip it in.  We paired this with some vodka lemonades (me), Brandy cokes (Cari), and Jack & lemonades (Becky).     Voila, not quite Wine & Tomato Braised Chicken but I would say pretty darn close!

P.S.  We did not have any leftovers for night two of Gumbo either :)

The Wreckage 

Cari not afraid to dig in 

Washington, Georgia, & South Africa 


  1. Love the three hotties digging into the wings! We guess we'll let you stay in the club and give you another chance with the Feb recipe!

  2. It's like any other book club where no shows happen. You're forgiven, but only because you dug into those wings like a champ.

  3. Wow, messy and delicious. Kind of made my tummy hurt looking at it though. ha ha! We miss you Washington!