Monday, February 14, 2011

Move Over Olive Garden

Amber's puttanesca is the real O.G.

My parents came into town for a visit last week and my mom offered to host a dinner Friday night at my place. She wanted to invite our cousins too, so I think she was mildly hesitant when I suggested we try the puttanesca, a dish neither of us have made. But we went for it with a public disclaimer -- especially for my Italian cousin Mario -- that this was our first attempt at puttanesca so don't expect to be blown away.

Well, I wouldn't say we were blown away but we were pleasantly surprised. Those Italian hookers were onto something; puttanesca is delicious!

I have to stop right here and give my mom, a BATF follower, most of the credit for this dish (cheater, cheater...). I suggested we make the dish together but she prepared most of it while I was at work. Really all I did was steal some leftover "cheese poop" from my co-worker Dee Dee's lunch for our cheesy bread, suggest an extra tsp of red pepper flakes, and microwave green beans in a bag. Oh, and I set the table too.

Besides extra pepper flakes, we (Mom) doubled the garlic and used kalamata olives instead of the black Mediterraneans. The table was split on whether the dish was too spicy (I loved the spice) but everyone agreed the kalamatas were the superstar ingredient and we could've added more. Aside from that, we (Mom again) followed the original recipe.

We served it up with cheesy bread, green beans, salad and some delicious cab sauv our guests contributed. For dessert- mini cheesecakes from The Confectional at Pike Place, courtesy again of the head "lady of the night," my mom. And by that I mean honored lady, not the puttanesca definition.

After all is said and eaten, I confess I owe this recipe another go around and I'm totally good with that. In fact, I'm hungry for more. Although I may need another pep talk from my co-worker Donna about how non-creepy anchovies in a jar really are.

Until then, THANKS Mom! Dinner was fab!


  1. I like it! Delegating the recipe out! That is a trick from my book... You are making me hungry!

  2. Looks so good and thanks for the spice tip, I'll be making ours spicy hot! Happy Valentine's Day to all my loves!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad it worked. I figure if your mom is so used to working with chicken bones, she wasn't too creeped out by the anchovies? :) Glad you had her to help!

  4. Did you find the Anchovies we hid on your desk yet? Muwhahahahaaaa.... }:o)